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  • EBRD could mediate drumming up foreign investments in
    Tajikistan's economy: Rahmonov.
  • Tajik known artiste Gurminj Zavqibekov passes
  • Tajikistan to toughen efforts against unfounded rise
    in prices of essential goods.
  • CIS railways heads plan to endorse new tariff
    policy on goods transportation.
  • Tajik Industry Ministry sums up results of work
    carried out in nine months of this year.
  • German Agro Action trains population of mountain
    areas to respond to natural disasters.
  • Information-Analytic Center to be set up at
    Mayor's office of Tajik capital.
  • Disarmament starts in northern Afghanistan
    without fanfare.
  • UN condemns West Bank wall.



DUSHANBE, October 22, Asia-Plus - The Tajik Government has sent to the
Tajik Lower House (Majlisi Namoyandagon) a bill "On making changes and
additions to the Criminal Code of Tajikistan", presidential press
service reported.
According to presidential press service, these amendments to the
Criminal Code has been prepared in accordance with Article 58 of the
Tajik Constitution on legislative initiative of the President. "This
legislative initiative has been taken in regard to the fact that human
being, his/her rights and freedoms are the highest value in society",
reported presidential press service, "The bill has been drafted and
submitted to the Parliament for the purpose of developing a process of
democratization of the country's criminal legislation and bringing it
into line with international legal acts". The draft law provides for
making principle changes to some articles of the Criminal Code of
Tajikistan softening punishment that is aimed, first of all, at
humanization of the criminal legislation. Thus, these changes provide
for extending opportunity for courts to pass alternative punishments,
in particular being not connected with jailing and presupposing
re-education of convicted at large. After endorsement by the
parliament of the mentioned amendments imprisonment will be not used
for underage committing grave crime for the first time. "Besides,
dispositions of some articles of the Criminal Code will be presented
more precisely and concretely in the new edition", according to
presidential press service.


DUSHANBE, October 22, Asia-Plus - The European Bank for Reconstruction
and Development (EBRD) could mediate drumming up foreign investments
in economy and Tajikistan and promote increase in its industrial and
energy potential for economic reconstruction of neighboring
Afghanistan, presidential press service quoted President Rahmonov as
saying today at a meeting with visiting Director of the EBRD
Business-Group for Russia and Central Asia Mr. Hubert Panza
(phonetically spelled).
As Asia-Plus was told at presidential press service in the course of
the talks the sides discussed a present state and prospects of further
expansion of cooperation between Tajikistan and the European Bank for
Reconstruction and Development. Rahmonov highly appraised the today's
level of relations between the republic and the Bank stressing that
the EBRD had funded implementation of several important projects in
the republic such as reconstruction of runways at airports in Dushanbe
and Khujand, banks and private sector support, etc. Leader of
Tajikistan expressed hope for further cooperation with the EBRD and
that that cooperation would cover new branches of economy, first of
all, transport and telecommunications sectors, according to
presidential press service.


DUSHANBE, Yesterday night, at about 10:00 p.m., Tajik known actor
National Artist of Tajikistan Gurminj Zavqibekov passed away.
Gurminj Zavqibekov was known in Tajikistan not only as gifted actor of
cinema and theatre but also as a great expert in Tajik folk music. He
founded at his home the first in Tajikistan the Museum of Musical
Instrument, which has become one of sights of our capital city. Today
afternoon, civil funeral was held at the Museum of Gurminj Zavqibekov.
Mr. Mahmadsaid Ubaidulloyev, Chairman of the Majlisi Milli also Mayor
of Dushanbe, and other officials attended the funeral ceremony.
Hundreds have come to say farewell to this gifted man.



DUSHANBE, October 22, Asia-Plus - Tajik Committee for Anti-Monopoly
Policy yesterday held a board meeting to sum up the results of the
work carried out by the Committee in nine months of the current year.
The meeting focused attention on discussion of issues related to
measures taken to prevent unfounded rise in prices of essential goods
(wheat flour, vegetable oil, sugar, etc.) in the republic. As
Asia-Plus was told at the Anti-Monopoly Committee prices of essential
goods showed an upward tendency in early August of the current year
already and the Committee has taken all necessary measures in
accordance with the present anti-monopoly legislation to prevent this
process. Recently, according to the source, they have managed to stop
unfounded rise in prices of wheat flour imported by Tajikistan from
The board meeting also considered issues related to state control over
observance of anti-monopoly legislation on the republican market of
good s and services. It was noted at the meeting that in this
connection, a special commission dedicated to control formation of
prices of essential goods on markets had been set up at the Tajik
Committee for Anti-Monopoly Policy.
On results of the board meeting, all relevant structures were ordered
to take under their control activities of markets in the republic.


DUSHANBE, October 22, Asia-Plus - The 12 the conference of heads of
the CIS railways will open on October 29, in the Kyrgyz capital city
of Bishkek.
As Asia-Plus was told at the Tajik Railways the conference is aiming
to work out and coordinate a tariff policy on good transportation for
the next freight year of 2004. Tajik delegation at the conference
will be led representative of the Tajik Railways to the Russian
Ministry of Communications and the Board of the CIS Council for
Railways, Bahrom Shodiyev. The conference's work will last till
November 1.



DUSHANBE, October 22, Asia-Plus - Tajik Industry Minister Zayd Saidov
yesterday presided over a meeting of an enlarged meeting of the board
of the ministry. Tajik Prime Minister Oqil Oqilov attended the
ministry's session. The meeting summed up the results of work carried
out by the ministry in January-September of this year.
During the meeting, it was noted that in nine months of the current
year, industrial enterprises of the republic produced 229.4 million
Somoni worth of output, 42 million Somoni more than last year. Out of
117 enterprises of the Tajik Ministry of Industry, 80 have met the
targets and 92 others have speeded up the production rates, Industry
Ministry press service reported. At the same time, Zayd Saidov
speaking at the meeting noted that a state of affairs at some
enterprises such as the Yovon Chemical Plant, "Zarya Vostoka" and
"Zarafshon" left much to be desired. According to the Minister, a
volume of production at industrial enterprises should increase by the
end of the current year by 25 percent compared to the previous year.
Concerning successes made by the industrial enterprises of the
republic, Saidov said they had managed to yield those results due to
their own force and foreign investments.
Oqil Oqilov, for his part, pointed to the necessity of drumming up
more foreign investments and enhancing quality of the produced output
for increasing a volume of production at the industrial enterprises.



DUSHANBE, October 22, Asia-Plus - "Preparedness of population for
possible natural disasters measures on mitigation of their effects" ,
that is the subject of training conducted by the German Agro Action
(GAA) in Tajikistan under the disaster preparedness program of the
European Community Humanitarian Office (DIPECHO). The program's
principal objective is to reduce the impact of natural disasters by
strengthening local physical and human resources in high-risk areas.
As Asia-Plus was told at the GAA office in Dushanbe they have
conducted already 8 out of 10 planned training so far. More than 100
people from rural jamoats of Rasht, Tavildara, Nurobod (formerly
Darband) and Tojikobod districts in eastern Tajikistan. The source
says experts from the Tajik Ministry of Emergency Situations and Civil
Defense, as well as specialists in forestry and soil scientists have
been invited to conduct those training.
For conducting these training the GAA has selected vulnerable areas in
which there is the high frequency and high impact of natural disasters
and the low response capacity. And experts from the ministry of
emergency situations and representatives from the high-risk areas
themselves are determining what kind of disaster is the most typical
for this area. According to the source, each training consists of two
phases: the first phase includes lectures and seminars and during the
second phase a selected group numbering 20 persons has practiced
coordination of efforts in simulated natural disaster and mitigation
of its effects. population together with specialists is also
participating in working out measures to mitigate effects of possible
disaster. They distribute to all participants visual aids (booklets
and instructions) containing information about the natural disaster
and population's actions in case of occurrence of them.
The source also says that on results of training it is expected that
additional protection facilities will be constructed and rapid
reaction with food and medicine reserve will be set up at villages and



DUSHANBE, October 22, Asia-Plus - For the purpose of efficiently
informing city-dwellers of events and activities organized and carried
out by the Mayor's office of Dushanbe an Information-Analytic Center
is planned to be set up at the Mayor's Office, mayor's press service
Shavkat Saidov, a spokesman for the mayor, told Asia-Plus the Center
is dedicated to provide to city-dwellers opportune and reliable
information about implementation of municipal programs aimed at
socioeconomic development of the capital city, preparation and
celebration of national holidays, carrying out republican and
international events in Dushanbe, and about activities of
sub-divisions of the Mayor's office. The Center will also inform in
good time the city-dwellers of changing regime of supplying water,
electricity, natural gas, work of telephone services.
Besides, employees of the Center will conduct opinion polls, organize
news conferences with senior representatives from the Mayor's Office
(once a quarter). The Center will also have its website on Internet
for creation of which 2,339 Somoni will be allocated from the city's


KHOROG, October 22, Asia-Plus - Financial and tax structures of the
Gorno Badakhshan Autonomous Province (GBAO) have held a meeting to
discuss a progress of administration of the local budget over the
current year. It was noted at the meeting that revenue and expenses
parts of the budget have amounted to 10.30 million Somoni, which is
101 percent of the planned. It was noted that some organizations and
enterprises had not used completely funds allocated for purchasing
fuel, paying electricity, telephone communication, repairing and
purchasing necessary equipment that might effect a progress of
preparation for winter season. A special focus was given to issues
related to clearing off debts for consumption of electric power,
communication, and public utilities. Participants at the meeting have
also introduced motions on working out the draft budget for 2004.


DUSHANBE, October 22, Asia-Plus - Xinhua -- -- The much-awaited
program to disarm some 100,000 former militants in Afghanistan started
in Kunduz province without fanfare on Tuesday, one day before the
project is scheduled to kick off officially. Around 500 pieces of
light weapons, including Kalashnikov assault rifles and RPG-7 rocket
launchers, were collected during the day, a provincial official told
Xinhua. Tuesday's move is a pilot project to disarm different armed
factions in the province, which will be followed by four other
provinces across the country, including the area around the capital
city of Kabul, under the UN-supported program.
The so-call Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR)
program was due to be formally launched in the province on Wednesday.
Under it, those who turn over their arms will receive 100 US dollars
in compensation, plus 130 kilograms of rice, flour and ghee. A
UN-funded DDR office in the province would also look for new jobs for
those disarmed soldiers and provide chemical fertilizers and sees to
those who choose to work on the land. "All the people in Kunduz
welcome the program, and this is a great chance for peace in our
province," said Abdul Mutalib, the provincial governor.
The governor stressed that the disarmament process would bring lasting
peace and stability to the area. President Hamid Karzai is expected
to attend a grand inaugural ceremony for the program in Kunduz city,
the provincial capital, on Friday.


DUSHANBE, October 22, Asia-Plus - BBC News -- The United Nations
General Assembly has overwhelmingly passed a resolution demanding that
Israel halt the construction of a security barrier in the West Bank,
BBC News reported. The resolution also calls for existing stretches
of fence to be removed. It says the barrier contravenes international
law, but falls short of meeting Arab-led demands that the entire
matter be referred to the International Court of Justice in the Hague
for a legal ruling.
The BBC says the resolution sends a clear message to Israel. However
General Assembly resolutions are not legally binding, and carry less
weight those passed in the Security Council.
The vote was passed with 144 in favor, 4 opposed and 12 members
Meanwhile, Russian officials at the UN say they have circulated a new
Security Council resolution calling on both Israel and the
Palestinians to fulfil their obligations under the
internationally-backed peace plan, known as the road map.
UN Secretary General Kofi Annan now has to report back in a month's
time on Israeli compliance with the demand that work on the barrier be
reversed. If the situation has not changed, then Mr. Annan is tasked
with suggesting what further actions should be considered.
The vote came after lengthy negotiations between nations representing
the European Union and the regional grouping of Arab countries. Arab
diplomats had initially called for two resolutions, one calling for an
end to construction of the security barrier and the second seeking a
legal opinion on the barrier from the International Court of Justice.
But a number of EU nations along with other UN member states expressed
concern that if the matter was taken to The Hague this could lead to
charges that the court itself was being politicized.

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