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  • Tajik President, Chinese Premier discuss Tajik-Chinese
    cooperation issues.
  • Session of council of CIS agricultural complex
    opening in Tajik capital tomorrow.
  • Session of CIS Transport Coordinating Committee
    opens in Tajik capital.
  • Iranian National Red Crescent Society provides
    humanitarian aid to Tajik areas hit by natural disasters.
  • Tajik journalists to discuss prospects of
    development of audiovisual industry in republic.
  • Hissar district in central Tajikistan fulfills
    its cotton target.
  • Afghan new constitution draft to be made public
    within days.


DUSHANBE, November 3, Asia-Plus - Last Saturday, Tajik President
Emomali Rahmonov held meeting with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao in Bao
in the southern Hiana province of China, Zafar Saidov presidential
press secretary told Asia-Plus.
According to Zafar Saidov, the sides noted that political relations
between the two countries were developing in the atmosphere of
confidence, mutual understanding and spirit of neighborliness and
numerous examples of economic cooperation were evidence of that. As
it was noted at the meeting Tajikistan and China have good potential
for further expansion of trade and economic cooperation. In this
context, Emomali Rahmonov and Wen Jiabao discussed the possibility of
implementation of joint economic projects in Tajikistan in the fields
such as building of roads, construction of hydropower facilities and
prospecting for oil and natural gas in Tajikistan.
Presidential press secretary also told Asia-Plus that recent Chinese
Foreign Minister's visit to Tajikistan had resulted in signing of a
government-to-government agreement between Tajikistan and China on
opening automobile communication between the two countries via the
Kulma Pass. Taking into account mutual interest in automobile roads
as well as mutual striving for strengthening of bilateral cooperation
in all directions, President Rahmonov expressed hope for China's for
soon putting the road into operation and bringing it into line with
international standards. According to Zafar Saidov, the sides agreed
that experts would review all mentioned projects.
In the course of the talks the sides also exchanged views on results
of recent session of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization's prime
ministers in Beijing.

DUSHANBE, November 3, Asia-Plus - The Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) Annual
Conference 2003 opened Sunday in the southernmost Hainan Province of
China, Xinhua reported. With the theme of Asia Searching for Win-Win:
Development through Cooperation, the two-day meeting brings together
more than 1200 delegates worldwide, including incumbent and former
heads of state and government, entrepreneurs and scholars.
Zafar Saidov, presidential press secretary says Tajik President
Emomali Rahmonov yesterday, November 2, took part at the
conference-opening ceremony. Addressing the conference Rahmonov said
that regional cooperation was an urgent need for Central Asian
countries, noting that the BFA, a regional dialogue mechanism
discussing economic, trade and financial cooperation among Asian
countries, gave new impetus to bilateral and multilateral relations of
the Asian countries.
On the same day, President Rahmonov met with Singaporean Prime
Minister Goh Chok Tong. In the course of the talks the sides
discussed topical issues related to establishment of bilateral
relations between the two countries.
Information of Asia-Plus: The Boao Forum for Asia is the first
high-level forum organized by Asians aimed at enhancing exchange and
cooperation among Asian countries as well as between Asia and the rest
of the world. In addition to the annual conferences, the BFA holds
seminars, forums and conferences in response to some common problems
that emerged during the regional economic cooperation and integration
in Asia. So far, many of the world's renowned research institutes and
enterprises have become members of the forum, which adds to the
forum's impact on Asian affairs.

DUSHANBE, November 3, Asia-Plus - A three-day session of a council of
the CIS agricultural complex is opening in the Tajik capital tomorrow,
November 4.
As Asia-Plus was told at the Tajik Ministry of Agriculture
representatives from some CIS agricultural establishments will take
part in the session's work. Participants at the session are planned
to discussed draft program for establishment and functioning of a
grain market of the CIS, a progress of implementation of
scientific-technical cooperation programs for fundamental and applied
issues of a common agrarian market of the CIS for 2001-2003.
The Council of the CIS Agrarian Complex was established in accordance
with the agreement on interstate agricultural relations that was
endorsed at the session of the CIS Council of Heads of Government on
April 28 1993. The main tasks of the Council are in coordinating
joint actions and combining efforts of the CIS countries to provide
sustainable development of agrarian sectors and markets of farm
produce in the CIS countries.


DUSHANBE, November 3, Asia-Plus - 23rd two-day session of the CIS
Transport Coordinating Committee opened today in the Tajik capital.
Tajik Prime Minister Oqil Oqilov opening the session said, "our
countries are historically linked by main kinds of communications,
which play an important role in development of their economies".
Noting that transport complex holds a special place in Tajikistan's
economy, Tajik Prime Minister said that currently, Tajikistan was
striving for expansion of transport corridors, building and
rehabilitation of roads providing development of transit trade in the
region. Oqilov pointed to the importance of roads linking Tajikistan
with China as well as northern provinces of Afghanistan. "Tajikistan
gives top priority to development of transport infrastructure in the
republic", Tajik Premier noted.
Oqilov also pointed to the necessity of solving the most important
problems such as resumption of rail route Dushanbe-Moscow, etc.
Concerning other important transport problems, Tajik Prime Minister
noted that today, some 10 Russian air companies were conducting
flights from Russian cities to Dushanbe and Khujand. Oqilov noted
that the Tajik State Air Company "Tojikiston" should retain conduct of
flights Dushanbe-Moscow-Dushanbe and Khujand-Moscow-Khujand while the
Russian air companies should conduct flights to Tajikistan from other
Russian cities.
Besides, Tajik Premier pointed to the necessity of regulating customs
procedures on borders of the CIS countries during the seasons of
transportation of farm produce.
On the issues related to drug trafficking and danger of transportation
of drugs, Oqil Oqilov noted that first of all, it was necessary to
focus attention on reduction of production of drugs in Afghanistan.
Tajik Transport Minister, Abdujalol Salimov, and Chairman of the CIS
Transport Coordinating Committee also Russian Minister of Transport,
Sergey Frank were among those who delivered speeches at the session.
Delegations from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia,
Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan as well as
representatives from the CIS Executive Committee, Eurasian Transport
Union, Joint Stock Company (JSC) "Transtelecom",, International
Academy for Transport, Russian Ministry of Communications and the
Eurasian Economic Community are taking part in the session's work.


DUSHANBE, November 3, Asia-Plus - A joint exercise formally titled
"Alarm" for officers of the Tajik Ministry of Interior, Security
Ministry, and the Ministry of Defense was conducted last Saturday at
the Dushanbe airport.
As Asia-Plus was told at press service of the Tajik Ministry of
Interior participants of the exercise had carried out simulated
operation to release 200 passengers of the plane "Tupolev-154" taken
hostage by terrorists. The Interior Ministry press service reports
that special units of the Tajik Ministry of Security, Interior
Ministry and special services of the Dushanbe airport were involved in
the exercise.



DUSHANBE, November 3, Asia-Plus - National Red Crescent Society of the
Islamic Republic of Iran has provided to Tajikistan a humanitarian aid
in an amount of $US 26,500 for population of districts in northern
Sughd Province hit by natural disasters this summer.
As Asia-Plus was told at the Iranian Embassy in Dushanbe the aid
totaling 21 tons included rice, vegetable oil, beans, as well as
clothes and blankets. Representative from the Iranian Embassy, Mr.
Muhammad Reza Furqoni speaking at the aid-handover ceremony noted that
Iran would continue rendering assistance to Tajikistan in future as
well. He also noted that in near future, a polyclinic for offering
free medical services would be opened at Tajikistan's National Red
Crescent Society.
According to representative of the Iranian National Red Crescent
Society in Tajikistan Mr. Irfonnajod, the aid will be distributed the
poorest sectors of the population and residents of areas in Sughd
Province hit by natural disasters.


DUSHANBE, November 3, Asia-Plus - A conference formally titled
"Audiovisual industry and prospects of its development in Tajikistan"
is opening today in the Tajik capital.
The conference staged by the local non-government organization
"Media-Tajikistan" under financial support of the Swiss Cooperation
Office is aiming at discussing themes relating to copyright of owners
of audiovisual materials, Tajikistan's copyright legislation,
development of intellectual property market in the republic, etc.
It is expected that on results of the conference a Society for
protection of copyright will be founded. The main objectives f the
Society will be in protecting copyright, representing interests of
representatives from audiovisual industry in the republic. It will
also promote seeking ways for further development of the audiovisual
industry in Tajikistan.


DUSHANBE, November 3, Asia-Plus - Hissar District in central
Tajikistan has fulfilled its cotton target.
As Asia-Plus was told at the Cotton Department of the Tajik Ministry
of Agriculture cotton growers in Hissar District have yielded more
than 14,000 tons of cotton to the state by this day, which is over 100
per cent of the target, and are continuing gathering cotton in
addition to their obligations.
According to data from the Ministry of Agriculture, cotton growing
farms in southern Khatlon province have gathered so far more than
298,672 tons of cotton, which 81.8 percent of the target determined at
365,000 tons. Cotton growers of northern Sughd Province have yielded
139,500 tons of cotton, which is 73.4 percent of the target. Their
target is 190,000 tons of cotton. Cotton growing farms in Districts
of Republican Subordination (central Tajikistan) have gathered so far
50,856 tons of cotton, which is 92.5 percent of the target determined
at 55,000 tons.
The republic has yielded 4489,000 tons of cotton by November 3 2003,
which comprises 80.2 percent of this year's national target.


DUSHANBE, November 3, Asia-Plus - Xinhua -- The much-awaited draft of
Afghanistan's new constitution would be made public in the coming
days, Xinhua quoted an official of the Constitutional Review
Commission as saying in Kabul on Sunday.
"We are going to release the 65-page draft on Monday to the press in
order to make it public and accessible to all Afghan citizens,"
commission spokesman Abdul Ghafur Lewal told Xinhua. It would be
published either on Tuesday or Wednesday by national publications in
both Pashtoo and Dari, two major local languages, he added.
Sources familiar with the drafting process said differences between
the transitional government and the constitution drafting commission
over the national anthem, an emphasis on enforcement of the Islamic
law, formation of the government, term of parliament and tenure of the
head of state led to the delay. In a final version of the
constitution draft, there would be no post of prime minister in the
government, and the president would rule the country for five years,
according to the sources. The new draft, which had been revised after
a one-month review process with the participation of some 200,000
people across the country in August, will both stress the role of
Islam in Afghanistan and enshrine democratic norms, said the
spokesman. A Loya Jirga, or grand assembly, scheduled for next month
is expected to approve the new constitution, under which the name of
the country would be proposed as "the Islamic State of Afghanistan".
Describing the constitution draft as the most balanced one in the
country's history, Lewal said "we are hopeful to get approval from the
constitutional Loya Jirga."

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