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  • Tajikistan to raise minimal wage and minimal pensions
    by 25 percent.
  • Tajik-Kazakh joint venture "Adrasmon" being
  • Torrential rain may aggravate typhoid situation in
    Tajik capital: Tajik health official.
  • Tajikistan, India to launch in Dushanbe joint
    enterprise on producing vegetable and fruit output.
  • 'Status of dual citizenship retained today only
    between Tajikistan and Russia': Russian parliamentary.
  • Council of CIS border services' head to discuss border
  • UNICEF continues supporting Tajik Health Ministry's
    immunization efforts.


  • Islam, UN charter basis of Afghan new
  • Russia insists on implementing roadmap peace plan
    for Middle East.

TAJIKISTAN TO RAISE MINIMAL WAGE AND PENSIONS BY 25 PERCENT DUSHANBE, November 5, Asia-Plus - By President's edict of November 4
from January 1, 2004 a minimal wage and minimal pension in Tajikistan
will be determined at 7.00 Somoni per month.
Zafar Saidov, presidential press service, told Asia-Plus that that
edict had been passed for the purpose of enhancing economic conditions
of the population and strengthening of social security. "By the
edict, from January 1 of the current year, wages of employees of
departments and organizations financed from the national budget,
including wages of servicemen and officers of the law enforcement
agencies, will rise by 25 percent", Zafar Saidov told Asia-Plus.
According to him, students grants and pensions will also rise by 25
According to presidential press secretary, following cancellation of
privileges on public utilities from January, the government will add
increases of 15.00 Somoni to pensions of veterans and invalids of the
Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 and widow of servicemen that died in
this war. According to Zafar Saidov, the government is to take
necessary measures to implement the president's edict and stimulate in
the national budget for 2004 necessary funds for paying additions to
pensions of veterans and invalids of the Great Patriotic War of
1941-1945 and widows of servicemen that died in this war.
Besides, the government is to stipulate in the national budget for
2004 necessary funds in an amount of 20 million Somoni for paying
compensations to vulnerable families in connection with rise in prices
of electricity and natural gas, as well as 8 million Somoni for paying
allowances to vulnerable families having children of school of age.

DUSHANBE, November 5, Asia-Plus - the Government of Tajikistan has
endorsed proposal of the Tajik Ministry of Industry to launch a
Tajik-Kazakh joint limited liability company "Adrasmon", according to
presidential press service.
Presidential press secretary, Zafar Saidov says the government has
passed an appropriate resolution for the purpose of drumming up
foreign investments in the republic's economy and increasing
production capacities, as well as processing of concentrate.
According to him, under the resolution Tajikistan's share has been
determined as 51 percent and share of Kazakhstan in the company will
be 49 percent.
Founders of this enterprise are Adrasman Ore Refinery Plant in
northern Tajikistan and Kazakhstan's Joint Stock Company (JSC)
Tajik State Committee for Management of State-owned Property is to
estimate property, except reserves of the "Big Konimansur" deposit,
being brought in as a contribution of Tajikistan to the initial
capitalization of the "Adrasmon" company, Saidov continued. Issues
related to registration of this joint venture are supposed to be
solved within the next few days.

DUSHANBE, November 5, Asia-Plus - The Asian Development Bank (ADB)
President Mr. Tadao Chino will arrive in Tajikistan on November 10 for
inaugurating a permanent representative office of the ADB in Dushanbe.
As Asia-Plus was told at the ADB office in Dushanbe the office-opening
ceremony will be attended by Tajik Prime Minister Oqil Oqilov. On
the same day, the ADP President is scheduled to meet with Tajik
President Emomali Rahmonov to discuss issues related for further
expansion of cooperation between Tajikistan and the Asian Development


DUSHANBE, November 5, Asia-Plus - Vice-President of the India State
Company "Hindustan Machine Tools" Mr. Madvani Vasanta concluded his
visit to Tajikistan. Mr. Vasanta arrived in Dushanbe on a working
visit on October 29 to discuss and coordinate with administration of
the "Dushanbekontraktprom" State Enterprise and Mayor's Office a
project for reconstruction of Dushanbe-based Bread-backing Plant # 3
and opening of an enterprise on producing vegetable and fruit output
on basis of it.
Deputy Director General of the "Dushanbekontraktprom" Enterprise,
Mansur Akramov told Asia-Plus that the enterprise is supposed to be
launched in August of 2004. According to him, they have also
discussed and coordinated issue related to stages of the construction
works. It is supposed that by February 2004, the plant will have been
ready for receiving technological equipment from India. In March-May
of 2004, assembly and installation works will be carried out and Tajik
specialists will be trained in India. During the first year of
operation, the enterprise will provide with jobs 84 persons. The
future enterprise has been designed in India, where they have already
begun producing technological equipment for processing of farm produce
(vegetables and fruits) and production of finished output, according
to Akramov. Akramov says the new enterprise will meet international
standards. "The enterprise will be capable to process 3,500 tons of
vegetable and fruits and produce 3,250 tons of various natural juices,
tinned fruits, ketchup and sauces", noted Akramov, "India will also
deliver equipment for packaging foods intended for the Tajik State Air
Company "Tojikiston", Tajik Railways, hotels and public catering
The Deputy Director General of the "Dushanbekontraktprom" Enterprise
also told Asia-Plus that Indian Prime Minister's visit to Tajikistan
was scheduled for mid-November, and within the framework of that visit
a model of the new enterprise would be brought to Tajikistan for
demonstrating to Tajikistan's leadership. "The new enterprise is
estimated approximately at US$ 800,000 and the Government of India
will provide this amount to Tajikistan in a form of grant", Akramov

DUSHANBE, November 5, Asia-Plus - Tomorrow, November 6, Tajikistan is
marking a Day of Constitution. A new Constitution of Tajikistan was
adopted by referendum on November 6, 1994. According to the
Constitution, Tajikistan is a social state whose policy is aimed at
providing conditions for creating democratic, secular, rule-of-law
On the same day of 1994, Emomali Rahmonov was elected the President of
Tajikistan and on November 6, 1999 he was re-elected again.
As Asia-Plus was told at presidential press service tomorrow, November
6, will be day off.
Staff members of news agency "Asia-Plus" congratulate people of
Tajikistan on a Day of Constitution and wish it peace, prosperity and

DUSHANBE, November 5, Asia-Plus - A session of council of CIS border
services heads presided by Colonel-General Vladimir Pronichev, head of
the Russian Border Service also First Deputy Director of the Russian
Federal Security Service (FSB) opened today in the Kazakh city of
Tajikistan is representing at the session by Abdurrahmon Azimov, Head
of the Border Protection Committee (BPC). As Asia-Plus was told at
the BPC participants at the session will exchange views on some issues
related to cooperation between border departments of the CIS countries
and a procedure of organization of an interaction between border and
other departments of the CIS countries in rendering assistance in
settling crisis situations on their borders. The session will also
consider a concept of a common system of registration of citizens of
other countries and persons without citizenship entering the CIS
countries. The source in the BPC stressed that if these documents are
approved they will be submitted for consideration the CIS council of
heads of governments.

DUSHANBE, November 5, Asia-Plus - Coordinator of the Tajik Center for
Landmine Problems, Parviz Mavlonqulov will take part at international
conference formally titled "Antipersonnel mines in Central Asia:
State, Problems and Ways of Solution" that opened in the Kyrgyz
capital city of Bishkek today, November 5.
As Asia-Plus was told at the Tajik Center for Landmine Problems the
conference staged by International Mine Ban Campaign and Kyrgyzstan's
Committee "Medical Workers for Prevention of Nuclear War" is aiming to
determine ways seeking solution to this problem. Participants at the
conference are also discussing humanitarian and social issues produced
by use of antipersonnel mines in the CIS countries.
The conference participants include representatives from Armenia,
Australia Azerbaiajan, Belarus, France, Georgia, Kazakhstan,
Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Ukraine, the United States and


DUSHANBE, November 5, Asia-Plus - UNICEF will hand over four vehicles
to the Ministry of Health today, November 5, at the grounds of UNICEF
Office in Dushanbe, a news-release issued by the UNICEF office in
Dushanbe said.
Mr. Michael Smith, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of
the United Kingdom to Tajikistan, has been invited to the hand-over
ceremony. Deputy Minister of Health and other health officials
representing the GBAO, Rasht and Khatlon will also attend the
Procured with financial assistance of the United Kingdom National
Committee for UNICEF, the vehicles will be used for monitoring
immunization services provided in health facilities throughout the
country, particularly in remote areas.
The vehicles will be used by health workers in GBAO, Rasht, Khatlon
and the capital, Dushanbe.
UNICEF plays a major role in the Government's Immunization Program.
UNICEF's assistance has helped sustain immunization services and
upgrade the cold chain equipment in the country's health care
facilities. UNICEF also supported training of health workers on safe
immunization practices.
Immunization saves millions of children from life-threatening diseases
such as polio, diphtheria, pertussis, measles and tuberculosis.
In 2002, Tajikistan was declared polio-free. However, measles remain
a major threat to children's lives.
In 2004, UNICEF will support a mass measles campaign, which will be
carried out throughout the country.

World News

DUSHANBE, November 5, Asia-Plus - Xinhua -- The draft of a new
constitution for the post-Taliban Afghanistan is based on Islam
principles and the United Nations charter, Xinhua quoted Afghan
Vice-President and Head of the Constitution Commission Nematullah
Shahrani as saying on Tuesday. Speaking at a special press conference
on the draft constitution, unveiled Monday by President Hamid Karzai,
Shahrani said that the new constitution was drafted after the
consideration of Afghan people's views and recommendations. "We are
respecting the proposals and viewpoints of our people. The
overwhelming majority of Afghans emphasize Islam, which should be the
basic law of the land to ensure the national unity, social justice and
democracy in the country," he maintained.
The much-awaited constitutional draft was officially made public on
Monday by President Karzai at the presence of cabinet members,
diplomats and UN special representative Lakhdar Brahimi.
In the 12-chapter, 160-article document, the country which was called
"the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan" under the Taliban rule is
formally renamed as "the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan." According
to Xinhua, the draft constitution is expected to be approved by a
constitutional Loya Jirga, or grand assembly, scheduled for early

DUSHANBE, November 5, Asia-Plus - Xinhua -- Russian Foreign Minister
Igor Ivanov urged Israel Tuesday to implement the "roadmap" peace plan
for the Middle East, noting it is the only viable peace plan for the
region, according to news agency Xinhua.
"In collaboration with other interested parties and also in the
framework of the United Nations, Russia will tenaciously work for a
comprehensive and equitable Middle East settlement," Ivanov told
visiting Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon during their meeting,
according to a statement issued by the Russian Foreign Ministry.
Under the settlement, Israel and Palestine "will live side by side in
peace and security, and all the countries and nations of the region
will have a chance to develop in stability and a neighborly spirit,"
he was quoted as saying. Ivanov "emphasized the need for meeting the
other side halfway in an effort to normalize the situation and resume
the negotiating process on the basis of the roadmap", said the
Sharon arrived in Moscow on Sunday on a three-day working visit.
Earlier on Tuesday, Sharon held talks with Russian Prime Minister
Mikhail Kasyanov, during which he said Israel is ready for "painful
compromises" to realize peace in the region. However, he ruled out
concessions over the security of the Jewish State and its people. On
Monday, during the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in
the Kremlin, Sharon expressed Israel's opposition to a possible
passage of Russia-presented UN resolution approving the "roadmap"
plan, initiated by Russia, the European Union, the United Nations and
the United States, Xinhua quoted Russian news agencies as reporting.


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