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      • Tajik Government considers draft budget for 2004.
      • Two Tajik citizens killed and three others injured
        by land mines on Uzbek border.
      • Parliamentarians from Communist and Islamic Parties speak against cancellation of privileges for teachers.
      • 'Provision of population of CIS countries with
        farm produce is the most important task': Russian Minister of Agriculture
      • Military Board of Tajik Supreme Court considers criminal proceedings instituted against 35 members of organized criminal ring.
      • Issues of intensification of struggle against
        international terrorism to be discussed in St. Petersburg.
      • EAEC energy managers' session in Dushanbe touches upon issue of setting up interstate consortium.
      • Tajikistan reaches 81.4 percent of 2003 cotton target.
      • Senior Iranian official to meet head of UN nuclear agency.

DUSHANBE, November 7, 2007 - Tajik Government session has considered a draft budget for 2004.
Tajik President Emomali Rahmonov last Wednesday presided a session of the Tajik Government to discuss the most topical issues of socioeconomic and spiritual development of the republic next year, presidential press secretary Zafar Saidov told Asia-Plus. Tajik Finance Minister Safarali Najmuddinov reported on this subject. Rahmonov speaking at the meeting demanded unconditional fulfillment of expenditure and revenue parts of the national budget for 2003 and targeted use of assistance resources provided by international community and donor organizations in the interest of Tajikistan and its people, Zafar Saidov told Asia-Plus. "He stressed has never reconciled and will never reconcile to manifestations of social injustice and corruption of government officials", presidential press secretary said. According to Zafar Saidov, the session also endorsed draft changes and additions to the RT Laws "On Social Security of Invalids in Tajikistan" and "On Veterans" as well as to the resolution of the Tajik Cabinet of October 2, 1992 "On Measures to Strengthen Social Security of Invalids under Conditions of Market Economy". The session also considered it expedient to make changes to the Regulations on pensions for special services to the republic of Tajikistan. "According to report of Gulchehra Bozorova, Chairperson of the Tajik Social Security Fund, Rahmonov also gave series of concrete commissions on creating favorable conditions for activities of the Social Security Fund as well as pointed to an important social role of trade unions in development of the republic and strengthening of its international prestige", Asia-Plus interlocutor concluded.


DUSHANBE, November 7, Asia-Plus - Last Wednesday, November 5, Tajik President Emomali Rahmonov received members of the CISIntergovernmental Agriculture Council, who had arrived in Tajikistan for participating at the Council's session in Dushanbe. Zafar Saidov, presidential press secretary, told Asia-Plus that in the course of the talks the sides exchanged views issues related to on a socioeconomic situation in territory of the CIS as a whole and expansion of relations between member countries of the CIS in the field of agriculture and ways of solving existing problems. According to him, Rahmonov expressed interest of Tajikistan in implementation of draft documents and resolutions that had been submitted for consideration to the session of the CIS Intergovernmental Agriculture Council. "In particular, it means adoption and implementation of resolutions on leasing agricultural equipment, machines and mechanisms in the CIS countries, a program for establishment and functioning of market of grain and organization of circulation of vegetable-and-fruit produce and potato on the market, which is of great importance for all countries of the CIS", Zafar Saidov said. According to presidential press service, President Rahmonov expressed confidence in further expansion of mutually beneficial cooperation and partnership between the CIS countries. Deputy Russian Prime Minister also Minister of Agriculture, who had presided the session of CIS Intergovernmental Agriculture Council Aleksei Gordeyev took part at the meeting with President Rahmonov. Gordeyev told journalists following the meeting with the Tajik President that they had discussed economic cooperation between the CIS countries. According to him, a focus had been given to a state of the market of agricultural output, including markets of grains and sugar, cooperation on development of agricultural mechanical engineering.

DUSHANBE, November 7, Asia-Plus - Next, 10th session of the Tajik Upper House (Majlisi Milli) will be held on November 21. It is supposed that members of the Majlisi Milli will consider changes and additions proposed to the RT laws "On Holidays", "On Bankruptcy", "On Normative-Legal Acts" as well as draft resolution of the Majlisi Milli on renaming some administrative-territorial units and series of other issues.

DUSHANBE, November 7, Asia-Plus - "Provision of populations of the CIS countries with farm produce is the most important task, implementation of which depends on both bilateral and multilateral relations between the CIS countries". Deputy Russian Prime Minister also Russian Minister of Agriculture Aleksei Gordeyev made this remark presiding a session of the CIS Intergovernmental Agriculture Council that was held in the Tajik capital last Wednesday, November 5. Deputy Tajik prime Minister for Agriculture, Qozidavlat Qoimdodov noted that economic growth and enhancement of quality of agricultural output were the key components of the national policy of Tajikistan. According to him, dehqan farms (farming units) have been established in all districts of the republic and by the president's edict 75,000 hectares of land has been distributed to farmers. "Enhancement of quality of the agricultural output is also promoting shift to new forms of management and rational use of lands", said Tajik Deputy Prime Minister, "Although cotton-growing is the main branch of agriculture in the republic it is also necessary to develop gardening, grain-growing, vegetable-growing and viticulture as well". He pointed to the importance of expanding links between the CIS countries. The session also considered a draft concept of leasing agricultural machines, draft program for organization and activities of grain and sugar markets in the CIS, activities of non-government coordinating council for seed-growing, etc. Heads of agriculture ministries and relevant departments of the CIS countries took part in the session's work.

DUSHANBE, November 7, Asia-Plus - Issues related to expansion of interaction in struggling international terrorism will be discussed at a session of special services' heads from member nations of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) in St. Petersburg. The session is scheduled for November 14. As Asia-Plus was told at the Tajik security Ministry Major-General Khairiddin Abdurrahimov, Tajik Minister of Security, will represent Tajikistan at the session. Participants at the meeting are supposed to adopt recommendations on expansion cooperation between member nations of the Organization in struggling terrorist groups.

DUSHANBE, November 7, Asia-Plus - The 4th session of the Council for Energy Policy at the Integration Committee of the Eurasian Economic Community (EAEC) -- which includes Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, and Tajikistan - was held in the Tajik capital on November 5. The session participants included heads and senior representatives of some energy departments from member countries of the EAEC. Participants at the session discussed issues related to further expansion of cooperation between energy systems of the EAEC on formation of a common energy market. It, in particular, includes determination of a procedure of organization, management, functioning and development of markets of electric power, oil, natural gas and coal, joint construction of power facilities, and joint working-out of fuel-energy balance (correlation of volumes of fuel-energy resources). As it was noted at the session appearance of Russian on Central Asian market as a serious importer of electric power would allow coming nearer to solution of problems of rational use of water-and-energy resources of Central Asia. Participants at the session also considered draft protocols on conditions of transmission of energy via and within the EAEC countries and on customs clearing of transit transmission of electric power, a news release issued by EAEC press service said. Adoption of this documents will allow simplifying procedures of customs clearing and control of energy resources and will promote rational use of fuel-energy balance and increase in interstate supplies of electric power. The Council for Energy Policy proposes to work out the issue related to establishment of the interstate consortium endowing it with authorities of over-state water-and-energy controller in Central Asia. This structure will be open for new members and Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan may join it. Participants at the session also adopted a protocol on joining financing of Kyrgyzstan's Kambar-Ata 2 and Tajikistan's Sangtuda power stations. Executive organs of the two republics are to have submitted their proposals on a procedure of the financing of construction of the power plants by January 1, 2004. Besides the Council ordered the commission for establishment of common electric power market to prepare a draft protocol on joint construction of energy facilities in member nations of the Community.

DUSHANBE, November 7, Asia-Plus - Despite bad weather conditions the republic's cotton growers are taking real measures to gather a valuable textile raw material, Tajik Agricultural Ministry says. Yesterday two other district in Khatlon Province - Shahritus and Qabodiyon - met their annual cotton targets having gathered 15,203 tons and 24,710 tons of cotton respectively. Southern Khatlon Province has yielded so far to the state 305,391 tons of cotton, which is almost 84 percent of the target. They have pledged to produce 365,000 tons of cotton this year. Cotton-growing farms in Sughd province have gathered 139,808 tons of cotton by November 6, which is 73.6 percent of the target. Their target is 190,000 tons. Districts of the Republican Subordination in central Tajikistan have yielded so far 51,377 tons of cotton, which is 93.4 percent of their obligation. The republic has yielded 496,500 tons of cotton by November, which is 81.4 percent of the national target that has been determined at 610,000 tons of cotton.


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