August 31, 2004


The condition of drinking water in Dushanbe is back to normal
DUSHANBE, 31 August – “Avesta” /B. Khairuddinov/. – The condition of drinking water in Dushanbe meets all sanitary requirements now. It was informed to “Avesta” by the chief physician of the capital Gurez Azimov.
To his words, chlorination of water in Dushanbe is decreased. It is connected with the fact that turbidity of water and bacteriological analysis meet all sanitary norms.
“If earlier, a month ago, the chlorination of water in water supply pipelines was increased to 2 milligrams per liter, it forms 1,5 milligrams per liter for gravity water supply and 0,8-1 milligrams per liter for pressure water, - said he. – Also 0,5-0,6 milligrams are brought into water from the South-Western pipe station as there is an artesian water”.
G. Azimov mentioned, that data on the outburst of infectious diseases in the capital for eight months of the current year in accordance with the last year index is lower. For example, the number of patients infected with typhoid registered in the last year was 275 people when the index of this year is 184 people. 293 people were registered having dysentery in the last year and 58 – this year correspondingly.

More than 270 thousand people will be covered with immunization against measles in Dushanbe
DUSHANBE, 31 August – “Avesta” /B. Khairuddinov/. – More than 280 people will be trained as doctors-vaccinators and enabled in campaign against measles in Dushanbe. It was informed to “Avesta” by the director of subsidiary of the Republican center of Immunoprophylaxis of the capital Makhmadali Rashidov.
To his words, 150 doctors and medium medical stuff are trained for today. Now there continues the seminar on specialists training to oncoming campaign with the participation of personnel of all policlinics of the capital.
M. Rashidov mentioned, that at the end of the seminar the Center of Immunoprophylaxis of RT will carry out a special exam where the specialists will be given certificates.
“More than 270 thousand people will be covered by immunization in Dushanbe, they are children at the age of 1 to 18, plus the workers of health care sector and education (at the age of 29 and above), representatives of the so called “buffer zone” who are in a close contact with children”.
M. Rashidov has also added, that the city Center of immunoprophylaxis has sent a special letter to the headquarter of Russian forces located in Dushanbe with the expression of request to make cooperation to the conduction of vaccination against measles among children of Russian military men.
“Such a mass campaign against measles in Tajikistan, and in Dushanbe in particular, will be conducted for the first time, - said he. – According to our data, from 2002 to May of the last year in the capital there were registered 42 cases of measles only and there are no lethal cases”.
We remind, that from 27 of September to 10 of October of the current year in Tajikistan will be held the national days of immunization against measles. 3 million people will be covered with vaccination, and for these pyrposes the World Health Organization, UNICEF and CDC (USA) issued $ 3 million dollars.

The subsidiaries of Singapore banks will be possibly opened in Tajikistan
DUSHANBE, 31 August – “Avesta” /N. Pirnazarov/. – The questions of trainings for raising the level of skills of representatives of banking and private sector pf Tajikistan organization were discussed during the meeting of the chairman of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of RT Sh. Saidov with the representatives of international commercial institute of Singapore Chris Tan and Li On Ji. It was informed to “Avesta” in the press center of CCI of RT.
To the words of the source, during the meeting Sh. Saidov informed the guests that except theoretical knowledge we need in new technical equipment to support the private sector. During the meeting there were also discussed the questions of possible opening in RT the subsidiaries of banks of Singapore.

306 thousand tones of crops were produced in Tajikistan for eight months
DUSHANBE, 31 August – “Avesta” /B. Khairuddinov/. – 306 thousand and 640 tones of wheat and cereals were produced in Tajikistan for the period of eight months of the current year. It was informed to “Avesta” by the chairman of the state enterprise “Galla” Akram Ruziev.
To his words, 173 thousand and 977 tones of the given volume wee produced in Khatlon district, 73,9 tones in Sughd district, 57,7 tones in the regions of republican subordination and less than 1,5 tones in MBAO.
He mentioned, that for the same period of the last year in RT there were produced 324 thousand tones of crops. Annual need of the population of the country in wheat and another cereals forms 1 million and 450 thousand tones.
To A. Ruziev data, in the first half of the year “Galla” enterprise purchased 34 thousand and 296 tones of wheat from the CIS countries and 93 thousand and 412 tones of flour, mainly from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Annually Tajikistan imports 480-500 thousand tones of crops.

Dushanbe announced a competition for the best collection of “chakan” dresses
DUSHANBE, 31 August – “Avesta” /N. Pisarejeva/. – Elimination round for the best collection of national dresses – chakan “Taronai chakan” will be held on 18 of September in Dushanbe. It was informed to “Avesta” by the acting chairman of women’s committee of the khukumat of the capital Latofat Najmudinova.
To her words, the organizational committee will select the best collection of couturiers of the city who will present some kinds of chakan dresses, including – children, wedding and modern dresses of the national style.
L. Najmudinova mentioned, that the winners of the city elimination competition will take part in the republican competition in October in Kulob. In their turn, the winners will take part in an international festival “Dieri khusn” dedicated to 80 years of Dushanbe.

The book, printed in Tajikistan, has won the third place at an international competition
DUSHANBE, 31 August – “Avesta” /N. Pavlycheva/. – The book of Chingiz Aytmatov “The white cloud of Chingizkhan” in Tajik language, published by the Tajik printing house “Adib” won the third place in the nomination “Our contemporaries” at the international competition of art of book, held in Moscow.
As it was informed to “Avesta” by the head of department of publishing house of the Ministry of Culture of RT Mirzobadal Badalov, the ceremony of prize presentation will be held on 4 of September in Bolshoi theatre in Moscow.

The president of Tajikistan has approved the conduction of the Russian exhibition at the end of November in Dushanbe
DUSHANBE, 31 August – “Avesta” /N. Pirnazarov/. – The president of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmonov supported the initiative to conduct the Russian National exhibition-fair on 27-30 November of the current year in “Kokhi Borbad” concert hall. It was informed by the chairman of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of RT Sharif Saidov during the meeting with the chairman of committee on exhibition and fair activity of CCI of Moscow district of RF Vladimir Ponamarev.
As the correspondent of “Avesta” informs, the parties have discussed the questions of organization of exhibition-fair in Dushanbe in the opening ceremony of which it is expected the participation of the president of CCI of RF Evgeniy Primakov.
In an interview to “Avesta” V. Ponamarev said, that it is planned to show the potential of Russia for the last 10 years.
“On the exhibition, - said he. – it is planned to present a large section which represents a great interest for development of energy of Tajikistan. Taking into account, that Tajikistan is a sunny country, we are going to exhibit solar batteries, wind electro generators, agricultural equipment and also an equipment on processing of agricultural production”.
He mentioned, that the total area of exposition will be more than 3000 cubic meters, 1500 meters of which will be indoors and the rest – in an open air. V. Ponamarev added, that the participation of Byelorussia tractors at an exhibition is also possible. “In the first day of exhibition will be a great gala concert with the participation of Russian pop stars and craftsmen of Russia”, -said he.

The questions of improving Air Defense of CIS will be discussed in Rostov
DUSHANBE, 31 August – “Avesta” /N. Pirnazarov/. – The questions of improving air defense of CIS countries will be discussed on 1-4 September in Rostov in the course of regular meeting of coordination committee for air defense under the Council of Ministers of Defense of these countries. It was informed to “Avesta” by the head of the Tajik delegation, commander of air defense troops of Tajikistan Mirali Rakhmatov.
To his words, during the session will be discussed more than six questions, directed at improving of air boundaries of CIS countries. He has also mentioned, that in the frames of the session, there will be held a teaching and methodical gathering with the participants of coordination committee for air defense at the base of Rostov and Yeisk air bases.


Local authorities of Vosse region closed the single school with the Tajik language
VOSSE, 31 August – “Avesta” /B. Shams/. – The single school with the Tajik language of teaching in Tagi namak settlement of Tugarak jamoat of Vosse region, where have been studying 18 pupils was closed by the order of the local authorities. It was informed to the correspondent of “Avesta” the founder and the single teacher of the given school Namoz Khudoerov.
To his words, the administration of jamoat ordered to close the school and transfer teacher and his pupils to another school.
“My pupils can not study there as all subjects are in Uzbek language there, - said N. Khudoerov. – And the hearest school with the Tajik language of teaching located in 4-5 km from our house”.
We remind, that in the beginning of this year local teacher N. Khudoerov had organized the school on elimination of illiteracy among local Tajik speaking population in his unfinished house. He organized one class of 18 local pupils at the age of 6-16 who studied the main subjects. There were no school desks nor chairs and children set practically on the floor. When the National television and Internews Network made a program about the given school, the school was closed.

Veterans of war on Victory day will be given an opportunity to make one international call of 10 minutes
DUSHANBE, 31 August – “Avesta” /K. Osipyan/. – On the days of celebration of 9 May 2005 veterans and participants of the Great Patriotic War living in Tajikistan will be provided with free international calls. It was informed to “Avesta” by the head of department of the post service of the Ministry of Communication of RT Tatyana Kholmurodova.
To her words, in the days of celebration of 60 years jubilee of the Victory Day, “Tajiktelecom” company will give an opportunity to veterans to make international calls to their friends living in another countries during 10 minutes.
Besides, the post service of RT will provide every veteran with ten envelopes with stamps attached and they will have an opportunity to send five free letters to any CIS country and five free letters through Tajikistan.
As it was informed to “Avesta” by the chairman of the Republican Veterans Council of RT Rakhmatullo Akhmedov, for the 1st of July in Tajikistan were registered 7 thousand and 276 veterans and participants of GPW, 709 of which are the citizens of the capital.

An exhibition of Mugols epoch opened in the National museum of Bekhzod
DUSHANBE, 31 August – “Avesta” /N. Pisarejeva/. – An exhibition of Indian culture of Mugols epoch will be opened today in the National museum of K. Bekhzod in Dushanbe. It was informed to “Avesta” by the director of museum Gulchekhra Numonova.
To her words, an exhibition organized by the embassy of India together with the museum. There will be represented different handicraft dolls, the part of which reflect costumes of different states of India, and dolls, which represent all kinds of Indian dances of different tribes of India. There will be also exhibited miniatures made by Indian craftsmen of 16-19th centuries.
G. Numonova added, that at the opening of exhibition will take part the representatives of Indian embassy, the ministry of Culture of RT and representatives of international organizations. An exhibition will last till the 10th of September.

“Bribery and corruption are prosper in the country”, - thinks the deputy of the city assembly of Kurgon-Tepa
KURGON-TEPA, 31 August – “Avesta” – “Due to many debts, poor families from rural areas are forced to sell their houses. Bribery, corruption and wrong manpower policy are the reasons of the raise of poverty in the country”, - stated the deputy Barno Kayumova during her speech on the 12th session of Majlis of Peoples Deputies of Kurgon-Tepa.
To her words, “we often have possibility to observe how incompetent persons when entering the ruling authority, first of all regulate their life and lives of their relatives, build huge villas”. During this session it was mentioned, that only 1300 people of 10 thousand and 800 unemployed citizens of Kurgon-Tepa were given a new working places.
There was also discussed the question of premature break of deputy mandate of S. Rakhimov and were stopped extra elections at election section # 9.
We remind that the former deputy and mayor of Kurgon-Tepa Subkhon Rakhimov died on 11 August in the result of traffic accident not far from Dushanbe.

The Swiss office supported the Tajik Gurugli
DUSHANBE, 31 August – “Avesta” /N. Pavlycheva/. – The union of composers of RT with the support of the Swiss office for cooperation begins training of experts of folk Tajik epos “Gurguli”, which is at the stage of disappearance. It was informed to “Avesta” by the chairman of the Union Asliddin Nizomov.
To his words, epos includes the legends and ballades about national heroes of the country and the manner of its artistic performance can be reproduced orally – teacher-to-pupil. From the 1st of September in the Union of composers a well known expert of epos Azizbek Zieev will begin to teach young musicians to all details of its performance.


“Andaleb” festival is over
DUSHANBE, 31 August – “Avesta” /N. Pirnazarov/. – The Republican television folk art festival “Andaleb”, dedicated to 2700 years of Kulob is over. It was informed to “Avesta” by the deputy Minister of Culture of RT Mokhirkhoja Sultonzoda.
To his words, on 29 of August in Kulob was held a ceremony of rewarding of winners, where took part the Minister of Culture Rajamad Amirov, the vice-prime minister of the government of RT^ Khairiniso Mavlonova, cultural and art workers.
M. Sultonzoda mentioned, that prizes were divided between Dangara and Kulob, the rest places passed to Vakhsh, Zafaroobod, Faizobod and Penjikent. The next festival will be held in 2006.



































































































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