Location of the Republic of Tajikistan on the crossroad of Grate Silk Road, rich historical and cultural heritage, unique natural resources give an opportunity for tourism revival in the country. Main direction of tourism development in Tajikistan includes the following: mountain climbing, mountaineering, ecological tourism, historical and archeological tourism, rafting and hunting, medical and health resorts with the use of vast radon springs, mud baths, mineral and thermal resources. Recently, due to the Government efforts and stable political situation the flow of foreign tourist to the country has increased.

There are sports, tourist and Alpine bases situated at the banks Kirakum Artifical Sea, Lake Iskanderkul 9named after Alexander the Grate), Alpine lakes in fan mountains, Varzob Gorge, (40 km from Dushanbe), as well as Khoja Obi-Garm and Garmshashma health centers, Obi Zulol thermal sources, etc.

Despite significant potential growth, this sector is undeveloped because of insufficient public awareness of existing opportunities and absence of competition. Existing tourist unfrastructure and some sanatoriums and resorts (more than 116 health institutions and health resorts) do not meet standard international requirements and need further reconstruction and modernization.

The Ministry of Economy and Trade is responsible and constantly supports tourism development. At present, companies have tourist licenses and tourism is not financed by the state budget. This sector of the economy is one of the priorities for the Government and private business to attract investments.

With the view to develop international tourism in Tajikistan, the Government prepared medium and long-term programs for rehabilitation of tourist and health zones. Implementation of these programs would be allow to rehabilitate the existing and construct new tourist facilities, construct hotels and motels, mountain chalets, cultural and entertainment centers, sports facilities, national parks and aqua parks in compliance with commonly acceptable international standards. It is envisage that implementation of this programs will be implemented with the wide use of foreign direct investments.





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